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Complying with the Packaging Ordinance now with legal certainty – 
quickly – uncomplicated – cheap

Register in the Landbell EASy-Shop and participate in a take-back system/collection and recycling system. You can thus comply with the current requirements of the Packaging Ordinance with legal certainty.

In a quick and comfortable way, you can online:

  1. enter into a contract
  2. submit quantity reports (for Germany)

Since the Packaging Ordinance only concerns companies, please briefly register with your company data. Registration is completely non-binding and only serves for the verification of your company status. Afterwards, you can immediately make use of the comfortable functions of the Landbell EASy-Shop!

Do you put packaging into circulation in Austria? Please take this opportunity to calculate your prices, then take a look at our standard contract in the Landbell EASy Shop Austria.
The purchase of a legally valid contract will be activated for you as of 1st April 2015, once Landbell Austria GmbH has received its license as a collection and recovery system.
Are there any questions you would like to ask Landbell EASy-Shop Austria? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us on +43 1 2350140-30 or at